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Catalyzed Lacquer Topcoat


NanoVar Self-Seal Lacquers are post-catalyzed, acid-cured coatings formulated for high-build and performance on a variety of substrates used in interior finishing. They are fast-drying, easy-to-sand coatings with excellent build, mar, chemical and moisture resistance. When properly applied as a self-seal system or with one of its companion products, the film properties of this system provide a tough durable finish that passes all KCMA requirements. To prevent costly refinishing, all application procedures should be tested under ambient conditions to ensure adhesion, compatibility, and product appearance. These products are manufactured ready-to-spray for 680 VOC applications and, like all Nanochem products, are HAPs compliant.  

- Fast Dry for Easier Handling Quicker Recoat

- Easy to Sand

- Excellent Build, Mar, Chemical & Moisture Resistance

Companion Products

- PCVS Precat Vinyl Sealer Series 22 or 30
- CVS Conversion Varnish Sealer
- AC1.0 Acid Catalyst  

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